Written Work

Laura writing


I’ve written a number of books for professionals, including three that are my best sellers: Cultural Competence in Trauma Therapy, Feminist Therapy, and the award-winning Subversive Dialogues: Theory in Feminist Therapy.

Your Turn for Care: Surviving the Aging and Death of the Adults who Harmed You, is my newest work, and the first book I’ve written for a general audience of adult trauma survivors.

Written CE courses

These CE courses are available online in a written format that allows you to read for free, paying only when you take the exam and get the credits. A nice way to learn from your own computer and enhance your abilities to work with trauma survivors. A complete list of all my live, written and recorded CE courses is available on the CE Workshops and Courses page.

Recent chapters and journal articles

You can find information about my most recent professional journal articles and book chapters here. A complete list of my earlier work is available in my CV.

Frequently cited articles and chapters

This is some of my more popular older work. My entire published oeuvre can be found on my CV.


These are some handouts that I frequently share with others, including my note-taking form for therapists, and a handout that I’ve included in several of my books in which I describe the many ways in which people are powerful.

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