Recorded Media

Laura with some of her videosAlthough most of my work has been in written form, I’ve also recorded several different video and audio works that I hope will make my ideas more accessible to you if reading isn’t your favorite way to learn.

The DVDs, developed for training purposes by the American Psychological Association and the American Counseling Association, offer some real-life examples of what happens when I put my theory into practice. If you find that you learn best by watching a therapist or psychotherapy supervisor at work you may enjoy purchasing them. These DVDs are particularly useful as teaching tools in graduate courses in counseling and psychotherapy. Feminist therapy over time shows six sessions with the same client. In February 2016, APA released a DVD of me conducting feminist supervision, Feminist therapy supervision, as part of APA’s new Supervision Essentials series.

Psychotherapists face-to-face is a video interview I gave in 2010 about my work as a feminist therapist. It’s a free, more informal way of getting to know how I think about therapy. You can also listen to a talk I gave about working with trauma, a topic I’m passionate about: Can we create social justice? Toward an ethic of justice for trauma psychology, and to one I gave about how I’m integrating martial arts into my practice of self-care Finding my center: Martial arts on the way to Tikkun Olam.

Also on this page are some CE workshops that are available in audio or video form. They provide an easy way to learn from me while still at your own computer if coming to attend a workshop that I’m giving isn’t feasible for you. Those that qualify for CE credit are also listed on the CE Workshops and Courses page to make them easy to identify.



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