Decolonial, liberatory, intersectional feminist therapy: The next step on the path (August 2021-August 2022, On-Demand)

Feminist therapy has, in essence, argued that the entire project of psychotherapy was colonized  and corrupt from its inception. The collusion of the “founding fathers” of western psychotherapy  with both overt and covert moves by governments to control the behaviors of marginalized  persons, as well as reinforce dangerous false narrative of toxic masculinity, are core and central to  the psychotherapeutic process. This colonized mindset has persisted even in psychotherapeutic  paradigms that allege a progressive agenda; feminist therapy has not been an exception to this  problem. It has simply attempted to uncover and resist this core corruption and collusion as it has  been able. To complete the process of decolonization of feminist therapy, we must next move to  the question of how the realities of the even more marginalized populations of the Global South  have been excluded from feminist therapy analysis. This presentation will explore the question of  decolonization from two standpoints. First, a revision of the original project of feminist therapy, which is a psychological decolonization will be offered. Then, a question will be raised on how Western feminist therapy can then move toward more fully decolonizing itself and become a healing practice in more complete solidarity with larger decolonization efforts in the field of healing of wounded souls.

Where to attend

  • Where to attend: American Psychological Association Convention Platform, available to those registered for the APA 2021 Convention Online only
  • Event: Symposium: Decolonial psychotherapy: Healing in Context
  • Sponsoring organization: Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy
  • Registration information: APA Convention Link
  • Time: On demand to anyone registered for the 2021 Convention Online through August, 2022
  • Venue: APA Online Convention Platform