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Laura Brown discusses her life in psychology

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In this wide-ranging interview with Dr. Jeff Magnavita, I discuss my life in the field of psychotherapy, and the ways in which I have been transformed by, and, I hope, have transformed the field of psychology. Where to find FREE – View on YouTube

Decolonial, liberatory, intersectional feminist therapy: The next step on the path (August 2021-August 2022, On-Demand)

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Feminist therapy has, in essence, argued that the entire project of psychotherapy was colonized  and corrupt from its inception. The collusion of the “founding fathers” of western psychotherapy  with both overt and covert moves by governments to control the behaviors of marginalized  persons, as well as reinforce dangerous false narrative of toxic masculinity, are core… Read more »

Why psychology must pay attention to trauma

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This presentation, which I recorded in early July, 2021, takes the form of a conversation between myself and Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis, a feminist/womanist trauma psychologist who was then running for the presidency of the American Psychological Association. In it I talk about the centrality of trauma to everything that psychologists do, and the necessity of… Read more »

Feminist therapy supervision

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This video features my early career colleague Samantha Slaughter PsyD consulting with me on the topic of countertransference. It offers a real-time experience of what feminist supervision or consultation looks and sounds like. The DVD also includes an interview with me and Dr. Slaughter, and a discussion of some of clips in the session that… Read more »

Cultural competence in trauma treatment

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This on-line video course describes a paradigm for culturally competent psychotherapy practice, and its integration into work with survivors of psychological trauma. In it I propose that trauma does not occur to a generic human being. Rather, trauma interacts with the unique set of characteristics and experiences that each person brings to their encounter with… Read more »

Psychotherapists face-to-face

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This is a candid interview conducted with me in 2010 by Jeffrey Magnavita, Ph.D., then-President of APA’s Division of Psychotherapy. It’s a good way to get to know me and how I think about what I do in a somewhat more informal manner. Where to find FREE – View on the Division of Psychotherapy website

Feminist Therapy over time

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This DVD is a revealing and true-to-life portrait of how I practice feminist therapy. It’s a good teaching video for classes on feminist therapy, and also on psychotherapy skills in general.

Working with men survivors of trauma and abuse

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It can be a challenge to illustrate an approach to therapy in one session, but this video does a nice job of showing how narratives of masculinity affect experiences of a male survivor of childhood maltreatment. Includes a voice-over in which I explain and critique my own work, and some post-session analysis of how and… Read more »

Working with women survivors of trauma and abuse

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This video of a one-session therapy with a volunteer client (not an actor) probably comes closer to showing what happens in my office most days than any of my other recorded work. It’s a nice example of feminist principles of empowerment in action, and demonstrates how feminist analysis of gender informs and strengthens trauma treatment…. Read more »

Feminist couples therapy

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This is the video of a lecture and demonstration that I was invited to give on working with same sex couples. Imagine my surprise when the couple who were recruited for the demonstration turned out to be heterosexual. I had a chance to model therapist flexibility, and the session turned out to be a nice… Read more »

Feminist Therapy

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This session, with an actor playing the client, is from APA’s initial efforts to create a video series. Even though the “client’s” story is not her own, we were able to generate some emotionally truthful work, and I had a chance to show the basic principles of Feminist Therapy. You’ll get a better idea of… Read more »