Live Appearances

Laura speakingThe talks, workshops and webinars listed in this section include any live appearances that I have currently scheduled. Those that offer CE credit are also listed on the CE Workshops and Courses page to make them easy to identify.

How to arrange a talk or workshop for your group

I am available to offer lectures and workshops to professional and general audiences. I am available to do readings from Your Turn for Care, as well as workshops for survivors dealing with concerns related to abusive elders, or readings and workshops from Not the price of admission: Healthy relationships after childhood trauma.

If you want to get a flavor of what I’m like as a presenter there are several free videos of me giving talks or workshops on the Recorded Media page. My usual fee for an in-person workshop is 4000/day plus travel expenses. For a workshop offered on a video platform I charge 3500.00. I generally need several months notice in order to schedule a workshop.

Most of the following workshops can be presented to accommodate time slots varying from 1 hour to 2 days. Feel free to contact me to discuss the needs and interests of your organization. I am always interested in working with your group to develop new presentation topics that are tailored to your group’s specific needs.

If you’re having me speak live please be aware that I am somewhat chemically sensitive and made cognitively impaired by scents, including natural scents. Please plan to attend any in-person workshops with me free of scents such as perfume, lotions, and clothing recently washed in scented detergent or fabric softener.

Topics on which I am currently available to offer workshops include:

  • How survivors of difficult childhoods can have healthy relationships in their adult lives
  • Coping with the aging and death of abusive elders in your family
  • Self-care for adult survivor caregivers
  • Self-care for healers as a path toward ethical practice
  • Cultural responsivity in trauma treatment
  • Assessment and treatment of trauma
  • Trauma and memory
  • Forensic issues for psychotherapists
  • Integrating decolonial, culturally responsive practice into healing work
  • Developing cultural responsivity
  • Decolonial intersectional feminist therapy theory and practice
  • Feminist and liberatory psychotherapy supervision
  • Culturally responsive psychological assessment and diagnosis
  • Vicarious traumatization

Recent talks, workshops and webinars

A complete list of my past workshop presentations can be found in my CV.

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