Dealing with vampire clients and surviving the encounter (April 9, Zoom)

This presentation is part of a day-long pre-conference workshop, Navigating issues of boundaries and ethics in the psychotherapy of trauma and dissociation. In my portion of this workshop I talk about a typology of destructive individual, either a colleague or a client, who I have come to describe as a “Vampire” due to their pervasive, draining, and harmful effects on the clinician. I will detail the factors that differentiate Vampires from simply difficult clients with aggressive or angry ego states, utilizing the construct of the Covetous Sociopath as a framework for understanding the behaviors of these people. I will describe early warning signs of a potential Vampire, and ways in which clinicians can protect themselves from vampire colleagues or clients without losing compassion and appropriate flexibility with individuals who are difficult, avoidant, or angry but not Vampires.

Where to attend

  • Event: World Congress on Intergenerational Trauma
  • Sponsoring organization: International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation
  • Registration information: Register here
  • Time: Workshop begins at 10 am Eastern Daylight Time. My presentation is at 4:!5 pm Eastern Daylight Time. You must register for the entire workshop in order to attend my presentation.
  • Venue: Zoom

A recorded version of this workshop will also be available for registered conference participants on the ISSTD website.