Heart to heart: The healing power of Aikido (June 6, Zoom)

This workshop, which I am co-offering with my two Aikido teachers, Mary Heiny Sensei, 7th Dan, and Kimberly Richardson Sensei, MA, 6th Dan, focuses on the ways in which the martial art of peace, Aikido, is at its very core a healing art that can be of immense help to people struggling with trauma, loss, illness, and grief. In these highly stressful times, Aikido allows us ways to find and use the energy of our bodies in order to become centered and whole. Heiny Sensei and Richardson Sensei will be teaching specific ways to move the ki, the energy of the universe flowing through our bodies, drawing upon their many decades of study of this art. As an Aikido student for 18 years, with the rank of Second Dan, and a psychologist studying the human trauma response for the last 50 years, I will be teaching the segment of this workshop on the neurobiology of stress and trauma, discussing how Aikido “treats” the Sympathetic Nervous System and the Polyvagal System in order to bring us into a state of open-hearted connection with others.

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