Intersectional Feminist Therapy theory and its application in trauma treatment (November 14 and 28, Online)

In addition to providing cutting edge, evidence based trauma therapy, how can mental health practitioners living and working within oppressive systems (like colonialism, patriarchy, white supremacy, heterosexism, or exploitative capitalism) ensure we’re less likely to perpetuate the harms of these systems through our therapy? How can we educate ourselves to support the empowerment and healing of each unique client? How can we critically challenge systems of treatment that can take people’s power away? How can we modify well known treatment approaches to ensure we’re following a feminist therapy paradigm? We cannot be fully adherent to any form of therapy and do feminist trauma practice, or any feminist practice.

This workshop will cover the core principles of intersectional feminist practice as a decolonial and liberatory methodology. We will consider what the entry criteria are for making any of the “trauma treatment” modalities fit within a feminist framework, and then explore how the overlap between people’s various intersectional identities, their exposures to systemic oppression, betrayal, colonialism, microagressions, and/or Criterion A traumas manifest as various forms of distress. We’ll consider how to co-construct a liberatory, collaborative relationship with people in pain, and how to care for the self of the healer as well.

The two formal class sessions presented by Laura Brown will be supplemented by consultation sessions provided by Jennifer Hollinshead, MA, feminist therapist and founder of the Peak Resilience collective of intersectional feminist therapists, which operates in Vancouver BC and Toronto Ontario.

Where to attend

  • Event: Two day training with Dr. Laura Brown and Jennifer Hollinshead
  • Sponsoring organization: Peak Resilience Counselling
  • Registration information
  • Dates and times: Monday, November 14, 2022: 9:00-4:00 PST and Monday, November 28, 2022 12:00-7:00 PST
  • Venue: Online