Can we create social justice? Toward an ethic of justice for trauma psychology

This presidential address given for the APA Division of Trauma Psychology explores my vision of how work with trauma survivors can challenge core aspects of injustice in the larger social milieu. Creating social justice is one of my core values, and righting the enormous injustice at the heart of most human trauma has been the focus of my work in psychology. This talk is the first place that I offered the metaphor of trauma as an “invisible world” lying beneath the surface of every day reality, and discussed how that invisibility challenges our attempts to make the world a more just place. I also discuss the genuine joy inherent in healing the world one trauma survivor at a time.

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Brown, L.S. (2010, August). Can we create social justice: Toward an ethic of justice for trauma psychology. Division of Trauma Psychology Presidential Address, presented at the 118th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, San Diego CA.