Subversive dialogues: Theory in feminist therapy

Subversive dialoguesSubversive Dialogues represented my desire to create a true theoretical foundation for feminist therapy, which had been developing from grass roots practice for nearly two decades as I began to write. I had the privilege to distill into one document the insights and analyses of the communities of feminist therapists of which I had been a part, and to add definition and clarity to what we meant by feminist therapy. I was honored to receive the Distinguished Publication Award from the Association for Women in Psychology for this book.

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  • Laura Brown has given us our first compilation and integration of the theory behind feminist therapy. Rather than lay out a set of rules or precepts, she lets us in on her process of becoming a feminist therapist. A thoughtful and incisive work from which we can all learn more, regardless of our personal and professional backgrounds.
    Hannah Lerman, Ph,D., Past-President, Society for the Psychology of Women
  • The work of a thoughtful and committed feminist therapist, this book collects and synthesizes the work of two decades of the development of feminist therapy. This book argues that feminist therapy is not just what any feminist practicing therapy might do, but is instead a field with its own theory and practice.
    Ellyn Kaschak, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief, Women and Therapy
  • By telling a story of liberation, Laura Brown shifts the paradigm of feminist therapy. Her cogent argument is a philosopher’s stone for an integrated feminist therapy and practice. Valuable reading for all clinicians, this book guides us through a journey of transformation that is provocative, insightful, and rewarding.
    Lillian Comas-Diaz, Ph.D. Transcultural Mental Health Institute
  • With her usual brilliance and clarity, Laura Brown articulates a vision of feminist theory that finally acknowledges the diversities of women and the complexity and flexibility required of a felevant theoretical framework. This is a “must-read” for serious feminist therapists.
    Beverly Greene, Ph.D., ABPP, Professor of Psychology, St. John’s University
  • By grounding feminist therapy to feminist theory, Laura Brown ensures that both will survive, thrive, and evolve into the new millennium. Her gift for analysis and synthesis combined with her vision and courage have produced a volume destined to become a classic.
    Maria P. P. Root, Ph.D., Independent Practice, Seattle WA
  • This remarkable book is one of the few that i wish could be read by every person who influences how people, problems, and resources are defined, denied, distorted, and dealt with in our society. Read this book and see if it is possible to remain unchanged in the way you see yourself, human suffering, and the urgent need and realistic potential to make a meaningful difference.
    Kenneth S. Pope, Ph.D. ABPP, Independent Practice, Norwalk CT


Brown, L.S. (1994). Subversive dialogues: Theory in feminist therapy. New York: Basic Books.

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