Psychotherapy with alien beings: Cultural competence (and incompetence) in psychotherapy practice

This article is a whimsical introduction to the core components of my model of how to be a culturally humble, and possibly competent, psychotherapist as we work with people in the context of their, and our, intersectional identities. In this piece I discuss the problems with the now out-moded “how to treat an alien being” model that has been pervasive in the mental health fields for too long. I focus on how to genuinely and mindfully approach the process of being self-aware in ways that improve a therapist’s capacities to work, not only with those who intersectional identities are apparently different from their own, but also with those who resemble us.

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Citation. Brown, L.S. (2014). Psychotherapy with alien being: Cultural competence (and incompetence) in psychotherapy practice.

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