Emotional and cultural competence in the trauma-aware therapist

This course is part three of a three-part series on becoming a trauma-aware psychotherapist. Each course may be read online for free, with the option to purchase CE credits upon completion.

No class by me on any topic is complete without an exploration of ethical and cultural competence. Taking this class gives a succinct review of ethical and boundary issues inherent in work with trauma survivors. It also introduces you to my model for culturally competent psychotherapy. Even if you don’t work with trauma survivors this material will be applicable to your psychotherapy practice.

Note: ContinuingEdCourses.net has renamed this module “Cultural Competence and Humility In the Trauma-Aware Therapist“.

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Brown, L.S. (2011). Emotional and cultural competence in the trauma-aware therapist. http://www.continuingedcourses.net.

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