If you’d like, you can automatically receive information about my new publications and upcoming appearances. This is a great way to find out if I’m coming to speak in your area or when new CE opportunities become available online.


Here’s the link to my RSS feed. That page of code may not make much sense to you, but a feed reader will know what to do with it. Subscribing to this feed is the most complete and reliable way to find out about my new publications and upcoming events as soon as I post them. I publish details about each live or recorded appearance and written publication in my RSS feed as soon as that information becomes available. If you want to keep current with me, an RSS subscription is the way that actually works.

What’s an RSS feed, you may wonder? It’s a simple way to have information appear in a news reader like Feedly on your computer, tablet or smartphone. If you’re not sure you understand RSS, ask a colleague or friend to help you. Email subscribers simply don’t get regular enough updates.


Very rarely, I also send out an email notification (not usually current enough for you to know about a workshop in your area). I seem to do this only when I have a new book out. If you absolutely can’t figure out RSS or only want to hear from me every couple of years, you can subscribe or unsubscribe from my email notification list by leaving a comment with your name and email in the form below. Your comment will not be published on the site, and your email address will not be shared, or used for anything else…ever! But please try to figure out RSS first so that you don’t risk missing out on everything that happens in between my oh-so-infrequent email messages.

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