Professionals that I refer to

The professionals listed below have trained directly with me, and/or do continuing consultation with me, and have skill sets very similar to mine. If they can’t see you themselves they will make a referral.

Professionals Offering Assessment Services

Tyson Bailey, Michelle Brown, Monique Brown, Melissa Marrapese, Marta Miranda and Sierra Swing do forensic work in addition to seeing psychotherapy clients. Monique Brown has a special focus on high-conflict custody cases, and Sierra Swing does custody work as well. Kristen Montague does neurodiversity-affirmative assessments for people seeking confirmation or clarification of diagnosis. Wendi Wachsmuth does not offer psychotherapy, and only does evaluations, either for forensic or diagnostic clarification purposes.

Psychotherapists and Consultants

The rest of these talented colleagues offer psychotherapy and/or consultation and supervision with a focus on trauma through an intersectional lens. People with the SUDP or SUDPT credential are certified in working with substance use problems. ABPP refers to a higher level of certification in psychology, above and beyond licensure. If one of these folks is a fluent or native speaker of another language I have included that information here. Unless otherwise indicated, professionals with a PhD or a PsyD are licensed psychologists. LMHC and LMFT are licenses available to people with a masters degree or higher; not everyone who gets a doctorate decides to license as a psychologist, so their having a different credential is not a comment on their abilities. LICSW refers to a licensed clinical social worker. If a person’s credential finishes with the letter A that indicates that they are not fully licensed yet, but are practicing under the supervision of another professional.