Implementing culturally competent strategies in clinical work with trauma survivors (September 2, Nashville TN)

This workshop will explore clinical strategies for integrating culturally competent practice models into clinical work with trauma survivors. We’ll consider issues of transference and countertransference as they’re affected by the identities of all parties in the room, and explore how to work across both apparent difference and apparent similarities. There will be an emphasis on how therapists and counselors can increase mindful, non-shameful and non-guilty self-awareness in order to move toward increased cultural competence.

Where to attend

  • Event: Trauma, Culture, and Resilience Conference
  • Sponsoring organization: Tennessee Dept of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services
  • Registration information: TBD
  • Date: Friday, September 2nd, 2016
  • Time: TBA
  • Room: TBA
  • Venue: Trevecca Community Church, 335 Murfreesboro Road
  • City: Nashville, TN