Assessing trauma in the forensic context (April 30, Pasadena CA)

Although trauma is implicated in a large percentage of cases that appear in the office of forensic practitioners, very few forensic psychologists appear to be aware of how to consider its effects in choosing assessment tools, developing standard interview protocols, or analyzing findings. Assessment of the effects of psychological trauma is not limited to assessment for PTSD. Thus, even those practitioners who do consider that specific diagnosis often miss the wide range of other trauma-related phenomena. This workshop will briefly review the literature on trauma as a risk factor for a wide range of presentations, explore trauma-specific assessment tools and strategies, and consider issues of malingered as well as minimized presentations of post-traumatic material in the forensic context. Cultural factors influencing the expression of post-traumatic symptoms will also be address. Recently adopted guidelines for the assessment of sequelae of trauma will be shared and discussed.

Where to attend

  • Event: 4th Annual Division 42 Conference: Forensic Psychological Assessment, Ethics, and Expert Testimony
  • Sponsoring organization: Community for Independent Practice, Division 42 of the American Psychological Association
  • Registration information: will be posted on the Division 42 website when it becomes available
  • Date: Saturday, April 30th, 2016
  • Time: 8:30am – 10:00am
  • Room: TBD
  • Venue: TBD
  • City: Pasadena, CA