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Heart to heart: The healing power of Aikido (June 6, Zoom)

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This workshop, which I am co-offering with my two Aikido teachers, Mary Heiny Sensei, 7th Dan, and Kimberly Richardson Sensei, MA, 6th Dan, focuses on the ways in which the martial art of peace, Aikido, is at its very core a healing art that can be of immense help to people struggling with trauma, loss,… Read more »

Dealing with vampire clients and surviving the encounter (April 9, Zoom)

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This presentation is part of a day-long pre-conference workshop, Navigating issues of boundaries and ethics in the psychotherapy of trauma and dissociation. In my portion of this workshop I talk about a typology of destructive individual, either a colleague or a client, who I have come to describe as a “Vampire” due to their pervasive,… Read more »