If you’d like, you can automatically receive information about my new publications and upcoming appearances. This is a great way to find out if I’m coming to speak in your area or when new CE opportunities become available online.

Two subscription options are available. I publish details about each live or recorded appearance and written publication in my RSS feed as soon as that information becomes available. I also send out an email digest of the same information on a slightly less frequent basis.


Here’s the link to subscribe to my RSS feed. Subscribing to this feed is the most complete and reliable way to find out about my new publications and upcoming events. What’s an RSS feed, you may wonder? It’s a simple way to have information appear in a news reader like Feedly on your computer, tablet or smartphone. If you’re not sure you understand RSS, simply subscribe to the email digest below.

(We were having some trouble with the subscribe link but I think it’s fixed now. Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties subscribing to the feed.)


I send out information by email less frequently. To subscribe or unsubscribe from my email notification list please leave a comment with your name and email in the form below. Your comment will not be published on the site, and your email address will not be shared, or used for anything else…ever!

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