Consultation and supervision services

I am available to consult with therapists either on a one-time or continuing basis by video conference, phone, or in person. I also occasionally offer continuing consultation groups for practicing, licensed psychotherapists. Currently I conduct a monthly consultation group with a focus on complex trauma treatment, feminist and culturally competent practice, and integrating social justice into clinical practice. If you’d like to be on a wait list for an opening in this group, please contact me. Additionally, if you and a group of up to five other colleagues are interested in organizing a consultation group and would like me to serve as your consultant please contact me to discuss setting this up.

Topics about which I offer consultation include:

  • Trauma treatment: Countertransference issues with trauma survivors, including vicarious traumatization; treatment planning; developing containment and self-soothing skills in severely dissociative trauma survivors; risk management with trauma clients.
  • Feminist and culturally competent practice: Integrating or deepening a therapist’s comprehension of ways in which liberatory and egalitarian practices can inform their work, including analysis of power and intersectional identities.
  • Psychological testing: I offer assessment to assist with treatment clarification, using such instruments as the MMPI-2, Personality Assessment Inventory, Trauma Symptom Inventory-2, and the Multiscale Dissociation Inventory. I am also available to consult with you on testing administered by other psychologists so that you can better understand the application of their findings to your work with your client.
  • Diagnostic dilemmas: I enjoy assisting other therapists with differential diagnosis of complex cases, including questions of malingering
  • Forensic issues: If you or your client are anticipating a deposition or court appearance I can support you in preparing to deal with the legal system. I also consult with attorneys on mental health aspects of civil and criminal cases related to trauma, dissociation, abuse, victimization, discrimination, and harassment.

My current fee for consultation with psychotherapists is 180/hour.

Lectures and workshops

I am available to offer lectures and workshops to professional and general audiences on the topics I’ve written about. Most of these workshops can be presented to accommodate time slots varying from 1 hour to 2 days depending on your organization’s needs. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss the needs and interests of your organization. My usual fee for a workshop is 4000/day plus travel expenses. I generally require several months of advance notice to schedule a workshop. Complete details about how to hire me to speak to your group as well as a list of upcoming talks and workshops are available on the Live Appearances page.

Forensic expert testimony

I am available to attorneys to serve as an expert witness and consultant in legal matters involving questions of trauma, dissociation, abuse, victimization, discrimination, and harassment. Expert witness services include:

  • Psychological assessment of plaintiffs in civil matters
  • Review of records
  • Deposition planning
  • Research
  • Report writing
  • Expert testimony

If you are an attorney, please contact me directly to discuss your case and my fees. Parties to civil or criminal cases, please arrange for your attorney to contact me as I cannot deal directly with any party to a case.

My expert testimony has been referred to by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court in the cases of:

  • Simmons v. U.S. (sexual misconduct by therapists and nature of transference)
  • Jordan v. Gardner (cross-gender body searches of women prison inmate by male corrections officers)
  • Cammermeyer v. Aspin (service in the military by a lesbian officer)

Psychotherapy practice

My psychotherapy practice closed on December 20, 2018. I am not making referrals as of January, 2022. If you are seeking a therapist, please refer to the list of folks on my Resources page who I have trained or who continue to seek consultation with me, and whose work I know from direct observation. I am leaving my consent form available here for use by other therapists, who should feel free to modify it for their own use.

Pre and post doctoral training

Since the Fremont Community Therapy Project closed its doors and training programs in 2015, I am no longer offering formal pre-doctoral training or supervision to students.